Monday, May 28, 2012

Different use in stamping

Here we are showing you the tip of the iceberg.  This are some techniques that you could use with stamps; as soon we advance I will be showing different styles and other techniques.

 This ones are tags that I work both sides, here you can observe different techniques to obtain different results with each one! Also using the stamp with mask, dry embossing, water colours, foiling(the chess tag), acrylic, prints, micas etc.

Normal stamping paint with mica covering a pocket of the journal.
The corners stamp is doing a collage with the stamps and then blending the stamp images together.
Here I am using a print image mixed up with stamp; the background is
stamp also.

This is the front tag photo paper, so the stamps look very grungy

Different use in a photo journal of stamping techniques. The crown is done with metal embossing, the dove is a die cut covered with thick embossing . (The photo is cover)

Here the background is stamped using a mask and the tickets are stamp; this is a way of using and combining different media with photos.(The photo is covered)

 Here are the cover (1) of the photo album.  The belt around the album (2) had been stamped and painted; the belt is made from and old strap of my watch.


This is a mini-album, The butterfly was stamp on a packaging plastic . The background is very slightly stamped. The cover is made from packaging, very sturdy, sometimes this cardboard can be grey or have a white surface, use the white and if both are grey, you can cover it or paint it with acrylic paint let it dry and re use!
The photo is cover.

A pocket of the mini-album.  The pocket was dry emboss the stamped and painted as the couture mannequin. 

The heart is stamped over a packet acetate the backside also then we paste both heart together in the mini-album the heart works like a push tab to open different pages. The sentiment stamp over a leftover p/c paper.

This pocket contains little stamped  leftover papers that then are use like little charms with some kind of sentiment.

Here I stamp the photo when it was pasted in the tag to lift it up! The photo is cover.

This rosette was made with an used coffee filter that was stamped to make it more dimensional.  The centre of the rosette is made from used clock watch.

The back cover of the mini-album all is made by stamping. This back cover was from a packaging. We choose a very strong one.  Always before recycling look for packaging that you can re use, this will safe you money!

All this tags, flowers background are made with stamping techniques. The photo is cover.

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