Monday, May 28, 2012

Wow! My first Post!

We decide to add this new page to my other blogs; so we  could explain better some technique we are using .
Also I will be posting some example.
I really enjoy and love stamping; I feel it give you liberty!  And right now they are so much types of stamps and stamping method that the galaxy should be the limit!
We also love to up-cycle, recycle and we found it wonderful, because  in the process we save money, we re use and help not all go to waste!
Hope you enjoy this new page as I am doing it!
C u soon!
This are some ATC for a swap, combining different techniques

A card for a friend, here we use different stamping techniques, the background behind is using the same  principal stamp.  The flower were stamped also to give them an uplift! And the little ticket is also stamp with a sentiment.
By the way, background is up cycle,  the flowers were made from used coffee filters...nothing to waste!

Here are 3 mixed techniques ATC for another swap.  Usually  the ATC we made are made from scrap, packaging (plastic, papers and cardboards) .
And remember to use the 3 R and the U!

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