Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Workshop Abingdon!

Hello everyone!
Yes...I had been lost for a while but I was found again!
This is for you that want to learn stamping or more about it!
The beginners classes you will learn the different types of inks, blocks, stamps, how to care for your stamps, how to clean them, and how to do it.
So the you have the basics!
All material are included, but if you have a stamp or special project, bring it with you!
Although you will have a small brochure that introduces you to stamping.
Come with and old t shirt to use in case we get messy (and we will).
The special classes and techniques will be for those of you that already know how to stamp
and want to go a little further. 
You will learn tips not only for stamping but for crafting in general.
If you are interested in learning some another type of crafting let me know if I can help you!
You can see my other blogs and  older post! And if you want to see the pictures bigger only click w/ur mouse over them!
C u soon!
You can e mail me here:
To make this paint I use different stamping techniques to create a mix media background it is call
Times Flies

This is one of my new project an album done with used envelopes!  Those big envelopes full of bills and other stuff! I put them to work for me! This should be in my eco blog! Ja

The back or the end!
This is another book made with used envelopes!

This stamp tag is done  using this glossy type of packaging!

The flower was stamp and emboss and then cut out!

How easy to do a bookmark, cover it with a nice paper then stamp a nice sentiment and voila!

A collage of sentiment

I stamp over a scrapbook page  and then cover a pot of soap powder
And here it is, better this way?

I went to Greece and saw this painting and love it! so I decide to do my altered version of it!

I love old maps, and I found this in a brick brack create a frame from a scrapbook page, stamping it with gliding flakes

A shoe box! I re used it, recycled and up-cycled it so it was for my friend's b'day!

This is the inside

This is how it look close, even had a handle (made from a yoghurt used packaging)
Here it is with the present inside!

This is a paper bag that was transformed for a bday of another friend!

The flower are stamp as the sentiment! And they are made from used coffee filters!

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