Sunday, April 14, 2013

Journal, Fabric covering! Tags!!!

Wow it had been a long long time, busy with workshop and other stuff.
I had been experimenting also in many things and observing new alternatives to stamping.
I had been stamping on fabrics also, I made a fabric journal and use stamping in it, is a little bit diffuse  that is how we design it to be, the fabric was very crowed with images so we decide to add a little zhing to it.
You can notice the swirls and flourish around the  edge of the journal.

In this closer shot they noticed better.

So we tried to create a subtle image inside the fabric itself so it like blend together with the components itself.
The journal letters were glitter and hand written here we use a glue that is specially for fabric. The flowers are fabric.
Tags are one of my favourite stamping stuff...i bring them here because we made an recycled journal, with paints, envelopes and magazines, I use stamping also but not so much, that is why isn't post here but it is in the recycled blog if u want to see it; but I use a lot of stamping in the tags:
This is  a page of the Journal that id use stamping the wall was stamped as the doll body, the arms and head were cut outs as the little ghost near the edge. The skirt is made from used filter coffee!

The one to the left is stamp, then I use a white pen to brighten up the tag.

This is the back cover stamp also. A little difficult stamping here is use crackle technique
for the background then painted a little w/acrylics.

The left tag used some decoupage techniques mixed with stamping. The right
tag we stamp similar to a checkboard.

The left tag is a normal stamping technique. The right one is stamp  over
a map from a book and the dragonfly stamp over plastic.

Used mix media techniques with stamping.

The right tag is emboss and stamped.

This tag is done by using stamping techniques with a mask.
And voila that is it!

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